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Xarma, the association of charming hotels in the Basque Country

Xarma is an association of selected charming accommodation of reduced size linked to the cultural, historical and geographical identity of the Basque Country. 

All of them have been carefully selected for their gastronomic values, environment, design and historical interest and provide their guests with inspiration in the art of living.

Live. Relax. Enjoy

Our hotels are distributed throughout the three provinces, not only in rural environments, but also in the heart of cities or  near  the coast. The essence of our hotels is the people, whose hospitality, detailed service, personalized attention and care in the daily  routine    turns each stay into a unique and special experience.

Xarma is a synonym for dedication, pride, experience and quality in order to please our guests during their stay. Our pillars are professionalism, personal treatment, detailed service and  family management.

Mainstays of Xarma: 

  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency, ethic, discretion and honesty.
  • Gestión familiar.

Xarma is an association of professionals dedicated to their job, leaders in the Basque Country and a reference in the hotel industry.

Its training is based on experience, staff training, dedication to improvement and an innovative spirit that is able to face the new challenges that the management of a company within a quickly evolving global market has to face.


All is important, even the most trivial thing.

Quality in all the Xarma associated establishments is proven in the quality controls and certificates of its members, which is a guarantee that all of them have the requisites that will fulfill the guests’ needs.

But in Xarma, the real quality goes even further than a “mere” title. The real objective of all the Xarma accommodations is to go beyond the expectations of the guests, creating a pleasant stay where the client will be 100% satisfied and would also recommend the association to their relatives, friends and colleagues.

Attention to detail

Watch, observe and review everything again and again. Improvement.

Xarma accommodations are the result of long hours of thinking about how to improve the intangible. All the associates pay attention to the minimum detail not only with regards to the establishment, but as a service to the client, to whom they offer personalized and exquisite attention.

Family owned and managed hotels

The opposite to chains. The opposite to standard accomodation. The opposite to globalization.

All the Xarma establishments share their taste for exquisite and professional treatment, all of them preserving their own charisma, essence and the way they offer their services as a result of their family management, always warm and welcoming.

For more information fill in the form, Whatsapp us or contact us at (+34) 619 560 123

We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Welcome to Xarma!

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“Nature and kindness in its most pure form”
“The paradise in the mountain"
"Disconnection and total relaxation. A wonder."


Xarma Hotels

From Gorbeia Natural Park to Urdaibai, the most charming accommodations in the Basque Country are waiting for you at Xarma Hotels.

PHONE: (+34) 619 560 123
E-MAIL: xarma [@]

Barrio Olagorta, 6
48287   EA  –  BIZKAIA

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