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Antsotegi Hotel-Restaurant


A forge converted into a beautiful rural hotel

Antsotegi is a charming hotel located in a valley near the town of Etxebarria, in a spectacular spot on the Basque coast. 

It features 15 beautiful rooms, all different and adapted with full respect for the original structure of the building, an old medieval forge that was closed down in the early 19th century. 

Expand your senses to the fullest and enjoy a unique experience in a charming rural hotel. 

A place with history in a privileged surrounding.

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It is a charming proposal by...
Xarma, alojamientos con encanto en el País Vasco

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The rooms

Ansotegi offers 15 beautiful rooms in an old medieval forge, all of them different and with their own personality. 

The structure is formed by 3 floors, all rooms have private bathroom and some of them have their own terrace. 

All the rooms, with their own name, represent part of what the Antsotegi family loves: the countryside, the beach, the mountain and the surroundings: Akarregi, Bedartzandi, Urreagarai, Zapola, Mendibil, Lea, Artibai, Otoio, Tontorramendi, Kalamendi, Kalamua,Iluntzar, Urko, Motrollo, Oiz. 

Breakfast is included in the room price.

Xarma, alojamientos con encanto - Hotel-restaurante Antsotegi
Xarma, alojamientos con encanto en el País Vasco



The building and its history


Discover the area of Urdaibai and the Basque Coast

Peace of mind

Relax and enjoy the silence

"I discovered an elegant place in a quiet and beautiful location."
turoliga r
"Magic stay... What more could you ask for?"
cristina f
"The coffee on the terrace in the sun was the culmination of our day. Highly recommended."
itziar v



What to do?

The Antsotegi hotel-restaurant is located in a valley near the town of Etxebarria, in a spectacular spot on the Basque coast in the historic territory of Bizkaia.

Antsotegi has an expert partner in active tourism: LEAKTIBAI Take advantage of the endless possibilities of sustainable entertainment offered by the Lea Artibai region and its surroundings.

Come and enjoy extraordinary landscapes and choose from dozens of incredible activities designed for different ages and abilities.

With friends, as a couple or as a family, for a few hours or for a few days.

Antsotegi is located on one of the routes of the Way of Saint James: The Northern Way.

Just before the last crossing in the direction of Markina, following the rural road until you reach the village of Etxebarria, we have created exclusive offers for the Pilgrims.

It is a small mill that keeps in relatively good condition both its facilities for milling (with a stone to grind corn and wheat), and the antepara.

Until a few years ago it was in operation.

The Munibe Palace. It is a country palace of eclectic style (romanticism-neoclassical).

The De Mañozka Palace. In its origins, it was a tower-house of the 15th century. 

It is known that Juan Mañozca, archbishop of Mexico from 1643 to 1653, and José Santos Mañozca, martyred and killed by the Indians in the 18th century, were born in this estate, when he was bishop of Cuba.

Apparently founded in the 14th century. It is a baroque style church with a basilical plant. 

It has four vaulted sections, the last of which ends in a triumphal arch, on which a Baroque altarpiece of unquestionable value stands. The vault and the tower are late 17th century works.

It is a mid-sixteenth century barn, raised by four truncated-pyramid columns. This hórreo, which happens to be the best naturally preserved of all those existing in the Basque Country, was the first to be studied in the 1920s by European researchers.
Palace of Jauregui or Patrokua It is a baroque palace from the beginning of the 18th century, now transformed into a rural house.

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PHONE: (+34) 946 169 100
E-MAIL: antsotegi [@]


Barrio Altzaa, 15
48277 Etxebarría (Bizkaia)

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