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Choose safe accommodations

XarmaHotels, alojamientos seguros

Choose Coronavirus-Safe Accommodations

The accommodations, hotels and rural houses belonging to our association, Xarma, offer you the maximum guarantee of security in your holidays.

Under the guidelines set by the “Health Risk Prevention System of the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE)”, our accommodations follow a meticulous process of control and monitoring for compliance with best practices against COVID-19.

Being a member of Xarma Hotels

Xarma, Charming Hotels in the Basque Country, makes a meticulous selection of the accommodations that can become members of the association.

Belonging to Xarma means proudly fulfilling a series of very high quality standards, which cover both facilities and services such as customer service or the location of the accommodation itself.

To guarantee the maximum security of our clients’ holidays, at Xarma, Charming Hotels in the Basque Country we have adopted the protocol established by the “Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality”, one of the most demanding of those drawn up for our sector.

The 9 accommodations that make up our careful selection comply with the measures indicated by the protocol of this risk prevention system.

For this reason, we also ask our clients to please follow the indications that will be provided by their hosts upon arrival and in previous communications.

Your safety is the most important thing for us at this time, so we have everything in place to make your vacation an excellent experience.

Would you like to know more about how we ensure your safety?

Risk reduced to the minimum

Our accommodations follow all the measures indicated by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality.

Following its guidelines, both the maximum capacity of the accommodations and the distribution of spaces have been studied to guarantee a safe social distance between the guests and also with the employees of the accommodation.

Your host will receive you with a mask and all the materials that were previously delivered on paper will be delivered, as far as possible, by computer and/or telephone.

Items such as pens, notebooks, magazines or brochures will not be shared. All items which may be used by a guest will be disinfected after use

The keys to the rooms will be deposited at the end of the stay in a container with disinfectant solution before being given to a new guest.

All common areas, starting from the reception and the counter of the reception will be disinfected regularly, at least daily, depending on the number of guests.

In the dining areas, all surfaces are disinfected after use. Of course, tables and diners are kept at a safe distance and the maximum capacity has been studied for each accommodation.

In addition, all spaces are frequently ventilated to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere.

For swimming pools and spas we have adopted the regulations set out in the ICTE’s protocol “Measures to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in spas”.

The rooms comply with all the requirements of the safety protocol. We have removed the superfluous decorations to facilitate the cleaning and hygiene of the rooms and we have disinfectant gel.

We will never enter your room without a mask. If we have to enter, we will ask you to put it on too.

If you want more detailed information about the security protocols followed by the accommodations belonging to Xarma, you can download them from the following button. 

XarmaHotels, alojamientos seguros
XarmaHotels, alojamientos seguros
XarmaHotels, alojamientos seguros

Our best advice

If you want to enjoy a holiday in the Basque Country, in an unparalleled natural environment and in accommodation selected for its excellence, you are in the right place.

The Xarma Hotels selection presents you with the best accommodation in the Basque Country and offers you maximum guarantees of safety against the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is no coincidence. With you in the centre, as always, we only want your maximum satisfaction, your comfort and that you enjoy an excellent stay.

We want you to come back.


Xarma, Charming Hotels in the Basque Country

From Gorbeia Natural Park to Urdaibai, the most charming accommodations in the Basque Country are waiting for you at Xarma.

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